This is Nora's first party, but I assure you it will not be her last.  She was lucky enough to be born into a long line of some of the best cooks and entertainers I've ever had the pleasure (!!) of knowing.  Like her mama, Nora is more a fan of the salty and savory rather than the sweet. Legumes?  Loves 'em.  Frosting?  Blaahck. Luckily she had *two* cakes to not eat.  Truly, she was more interested in the weeds and mulch in the front that's all her dad's influence. :)

Sara is Nora's mom and she's been one of my best friends for as long as I can remember.  This is the first time I've photographed her and her family so it was such a treat for me.  I'm that friend of the family who's always at the family gatherings, but no one can remember who invited me. 

Sara, Ryan, and Nora are the definition of a precious new family.  Sara and Ryan are totally devoted to Nora and to creating a true partnership in raising her and giving her an utter cocoon of love. Ryan wants to be the best guy he can be just so his daughter can say that her dad is rad.  (which she absolutely will).   It's pretty damn awesome to see one of your oldest friends in a totally new role, and one she was made for.   Nora is so cute I actually want to put her in the toaster, slather her with butter, and eat her whole.  She doesn't even look like a real baby, I've had dolls less cute than this kid. 
I brought my camera, I pointed it at a beautiful one year old and the family who loves her.  And as we say in Mahhshfield, 'dis is what I seen...'
NoraSML005.jpg NoraSML009.jpg NoraSML014.jpg NoraSML017.jpg NoraSML018.jpg NoraSML019.jpg NoraSML020.jpg NoraSML021.jpg NoraSML023.jpg NoraSML026.jpg NoraSML028.jpg NoraSML029.jpg
NoraSML031.jpg NoraSML034.jpg NoraSML036.jpg NoraSML044.jpg NoraSML047.jpg NoraSML055.jpg NoraSML056.jpg NoraSML060.jpg NoraSML061.jpg NoraSML065.jpg NoraSML066.jpg NoraSML068.jpg

Mel says:

Great pictures of a beautiful family! Nora is more gorgeous than any doll! As always Tara, you captured the day and emotions ...Love you all! mel

(06.06.11 @ 08:47 AM)
amelia says:

awww. i got all teary eyed! so much life to be had. you always capture the love Tara. you are a tru pro!

(06.17.11 @ 10:43 AM)
amelia says:

awww. i got all teary eyed! so much life to be had. you always capture the love Tara. you are a tru pro!

(06.17.11 @ 10:44 AM)
Lisa says:

The one with the tiny bits of frosting in her hair is my favorite.

(06.23.11 @ 10:05 PM)