Ryan and I have been friends for something like (gulp) 25 years.  Is this true, Ryan?  How can it be!?  And it's always nice to see an old friend 'marry up' as we say. (heh heh heh).  His bride, Darcy, is about as cool as you can get. Gorgeous, funny, and way nice to boot.  Their offspring: the adorable, outgoing, super nice, high energy giggle muffin Kayden is as cute as a button. Their pug Tebucky was in tow, and he rounds out the Lavangie crew in the same way it began:  really funny, really fun, super cute, and all around awesome.
Enjoy. Thank you. Love.
notonguesmall.jpg 003-LaVangieSML003RG.jpg 017-LaVangieSML017RG.jpg 018-LaVangieSML018RG.jpg 023-LaVangieSML023RG.jpg 027-LaVangieSML027RG.jpg 032-LaVangieSML032RG.jpg 036-LaVangieSML036RG.jpg

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