Soo.....Dianne and Bill have ummm.... six kids....between the ages of nine and two. Yup.  And five of them are boys.  I want you to stop and imagine what that must be like for a second.  Go there. Six children in seven years. 
So, ya.  We decided to go to the beach which seemed like a really good idea...until they saw the water, felt it's warmth (and it's undertow) and the rest was history.  I just chased six kids around in some sort of whack-a-mole like fashion until Dianne told me the shoot was over.  When I sat down in my car I didn't even know what happened.   Dianne and Bill, it must be said, are super cool, really funny and light hearted.  Never mind madly in love with one another. 
As for Taylor, Harrison, Truman, Carter, Quentin and....sighh... the other sweet Small, they're absolutely awesome.  Super fun, super cute and high energy, just wonderful kids.
Here's what I saw:
MooreFamilySML002.jpg MooreFamilySML003.jpg MooreFamilySML006.jpg MooreFamilySML010.jpg MooreFamilySML011.jpg MooreFamilySML014.jpg MooreFamilySML016.jpg MooreFamilySML017.jpg MooreFamilySML018.jpg MooreFamilySML022.jpg MooreFamilySML023.jpg MooreFamilySML036.jpg MooreFamilySML038.jpg MooreFamilySML041.jpg

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Charlotte Kobold says:

I loved all the pictures, thank you Sandy for sharing!

(09.27.11 @ 02:49 PM)