Since I have posted photos of Shannon on my facebook page I have been told many times that she and I have the same smile.  I love that, it’s the perfect thing for she and I to have in common.  Why? Oh, it’s because we’re both really funny. What?  Don’t hate because you’re not that funny.  We have father issues, are childless, and have cankles.  We deserve to be funny.  It’s God throwing us a lifeline.  You, young reader, may be really pretty but not that funny.  See, you get to be pretty.  Us? We get to be funny.  Don’t hate.
And good Lord does a sense of humor come in handy with… everything.   No matter how bad our family life gets you can find us (and both of our parents, for that matter) making a joke out of pretty much anything.  We tease each other about everything and laugh hysterically at it.   Our combined best material is usually about our parents or ourselves. Obviously.
Shannon, Mike, and Lola make a great family.  Lots of love, lots of laughter (and lots of long walks for Lola).  Shannon and Mike are following their dreams and turning them into reality, having a blast and supporting each other every step of the way.  Lots of adventures, lots of laughs, endless friendship and support.   All the stuff I admire in many of the couples we photograph is there in spades with Shannon and Mike.  A relationship where the friendship grows every year?  Yes, please! 
So, yes…here they are.  Shannon, Mike, and Lola playing on a beach on the Cape.  Shannon’s oldest friend got married last month and we photographed it.  At sunset I grabbed Shannon and Mike and we did a quick little shoot.
Introducing…my seeeester!!
I love you. Obv!!!