Well...they WERE expecting, but now Oliver is here!  Yaay Oliver! He was really excited to meet his really awesome parents so he arrived way early.  Oh hey, Oliver!   Tania and Dave are going to make wonderful parents; both kind, patient, hard working, honest, and loyal.  I spent quite a bit of time with Tania that afternoon and I left feeling like I made a new friend.  The puppy Lola brought all the comedic elements I love on a shoot and this is what we came up with.  Enjoy! Thank you! Love!
taniasml-1.jpg taniasml-2.jpg taniasml-3.jpg taniasml-4.jpg taniasml-5.jpg taniasml-6.jpg taniasml-7.jpg taniasml-8.jpg taniasml-9.jpg