YUM!!!  I love this family, I loved photographing them.  I can't say enough good things!!  Meghan and Christian have made a happy, relaxed home where their three kids are...well..really happy, confident, playful, giggly, and all around awesome.  It's the kind of home that just feels good to be in.   I've been friends with Christian for something like 20 years and I wouldn't wish this kind of love and beauty on anyone nicer or more kind. 
I especially loved this shot because Meghan and Christian wanted a candid, genuine, honest portrayal of their family.  Nothing posed, nothing fake, just playing in their back yard and in their home.  This is just the kind of family shoot I love doing, and for whatever reason I just don't get to do much anymore.  I love photographing families *in their homes*, being themselves, being honest.  We were all on the same page and I think it worked really well.
Here's what they showed me.  Enjoy. Thank you. Love.
EnwrightSML002.jpg EnwrightSML005.jpg EnwrightSML008.jpg EnwrightSML011.jpg EnwrightSML012.jpg EnwrightSML015.jpg EnwrightSML019.jpg EnwrightSML022.jpg EnwrightSML023.jpg EnwrightSML030.jpg EnwrightSML031.jpg EnwrightSML033.jpg EnwrightSML035.jpg EnwrightSML037.jpg EnwrightSML039.jpg EnwrightSML040.jpg EnwrightSML042.jpg EnwrightSML043.jpg EnwrightSML045.jpg EnwrightSML047.jpg EnwrightSML048.jpg EnwrightSML049.jpg