I love this couple so much my heart aches.  They're just about the coolest, sexiest, smartest, most all around rad couple I've ever photographed.  Is that saying a lot? ummmm.....yes, it is and I'll stand behind it.  I've known Dawn through our friend, Erin, for years and I've always loved her. When she moved to San Diego and found her Merchant Marine man Norvin I was so happy for her.  When she got in touch with me and asked me to photograph her pregnant while I was in San Diego I was happy for ME! Their home is as sexy and cool as the two of them (obviously) and they're madly in love with one another.  This shoot was so fun for me.  I hope you love it. Dawn and Norvin found out they're expecting a boy.  Rockin. Congratulations. Love. Enjoy.
DawnNorvinSML012.jpg DawnNorvinSML008.jpg DawnNorvinSML011.jpg DawnNorvinSML013.jpg DawnNorvinSML015.jpg DawnNorvinSML016.jpg DawnNorvinSML017.jpg DawnNorvinSML018.jpg DawnNorvinSML021.jpg DawnNorvinSML023.jpg DawnNorvinSML026.jpg DawnNorvinSML030.jpg

kj bogni says:

t this house is awesome!!! I love ths shoot too many reasons! love kj

(10.20.11 @ 08:42 PM)