Erin has been a great friend of mine for 17 years.  We met studying abroad in Australia and the rest has been history.  Lucky for me, her good friends have become my friends.  In fact, Erin has generously given me most of my very favorite people of all time within one or two degrees of separation. (thank you, ee run!)
Erin and her life long best friend Kate met up with me in Sonoma while I was in the Bay area in July.  Kate's first baby, Emerson, is a living doll.  It's kindof weird how cute she is, actually.  I just stared at her for most of the shoot.  Erin, Kate, and their husbands tossed their kids around, I chased them, here's what we saw.  Enjoy. Thank you. Huge love.
KateSML004.jpg KateSML008.jpg KateSML010.jpg KateSML011.jpg KateSML015.jpg KateSML017.jpg KateSML019.jpg KateSML021.jpg KateSML022.jpg KateSML024.jpg KateSML025.jpg KateSML038.jpg
KateSML045.jpg KateSML052.jpg KateSML056.jpg KateSML057.jpg KateSML058.jpg KateSML061.jpg KateSML073.jpg

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