I absolutely love that I've somehow found myself lucky enough to photograph people with their horses.  What truly remarkable animals they are; bigger than life, absolutely stunning, insanely strong while being incredibly gentle.  Horses rock.
Lauren had me out to Boxborough to photograph her and her horse, Toro.  They're such great friends and have so much fun together. It's so super sweet.  Enjoy.
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Jeanne Nicholson says:

Want to make sure we are meeting tomorrow at Kensington Equestrian, in Kensignton, NH to photo Rudy and me.

(10.17.11 @ 02:18 PM)
Lauren and Toro says:

Thanks so much for coming to see us! We had so much fun with you and are so happy with the photos! They are beautiful. Youre the best Tara!
-Lauren and Toro

(11.09.11 @ 08:06 PM)