Man, I'm a lucky chic.  I was lucky enough to photograph Courtney and Chris' wedding in June 2009, then again when they were visiting Boston from Austin last year with their new baby girl, Charlotte. Then I was invited *again* to their beach vacation in Plymouth with Chris' whole family.  I absolutely love these guys and I'm so honored to be able to photograph them in so many stages of their lives.  This is exactly what I love about photography and exactly why I've dedicated my life to it.  Here are the pictures I took as the sun was setting mid week during their gorgeous beach vacation.  I love you guys, thank you so much!!
OulletteSML006.jpg OulletteSML009.jpg OulletteSML026.jpg OulletteSML029.jpg OulletteSML030.jpg OulletteSML032.jpg OulletteSML036.jpg OulletteSML042.jpg OulletteSML054.jpg OulletteSML052.jpg OulletteSML061.jpg