Lucky, lucky me.  I get to photograph these people's engagement, their wedding, their newborn child, and their family vacation on Martha's Vineyard.  And they thank *me* for it.  heh heh heh.  Life is so sweet.
So, ya...if you follow either of my blogs (dis one or hitchedstudiosblog) you know these people.  They are, at this point, friends of mine.  We would have been friends anyway (they're funny, smart, cool, awesome, fun, kind, loyal) but the way we met was through wedding photography. Details, details.
So, ya.. pictures say 1,000 words. A fact I'm always grateful for when I'm posting on my blog late at night.  Enjoy Lauren, Chris, their beautiful son Luke, Lauren's mama and pops, and a gorgeous beach on Martha's Vineyard in August.  Tough gig?  Not even close.
Enjoy. Thank you. Love. You know it.
AddesaSML002.jpg AddesaSML006.jpg AddesaSML009.jpg AddesaSML010.jpg AddesaSML011.jpg AddesaSML014.jpg AddesaSML019.jpg AddesaSML024.jpg AddesaSML025.jpg AddesaSML032.jpg AddesaSML033.jpg AddesaSML036.jpg
AddesaSML039.jpg AddesaSML050.jpg AddesaSML054.jpg

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