a'ight so this shoot holds more than a small place in my heart. This is because the dad is one of my oldest and best friends.  A guy I have genuinely adored from the moment we met in 7th grade math class and made each other choke/snort/spit in laughter from the word go. Introducing the man everyone who knows absolutely loves: Billy T.   Bill and his beyond awesome, gorgeous, cool as hell, awesome-mom wife, Jen ,and their two Super Sons live in VIrginia.  Which, by the way, is like way too far away from me.  I can only imagine we would be thick as thieves if they lived 'round here.  Aaanyway... they were up visiting Billy's parents and asked me for a shoot in Boston.  Needless to say I was beyond excited.  What I didn't expect (and in retrospect should have absolutely expected) was what an amazing dad Bill is.  He's the perfect blend of fun while being in charge, encouraging and playful, sweet and generous, and silly.  He is to these sons what he is to me: a total and utter star.  Jen, I have to say, is all these things, too.  I just didn't have the total fortune of knowing her since I was 13.
Enjoy the photos. There are more than usual because...well...as previously mentioned... Billy is a good friend of mine and I'm very happy and proud of him.  You can over-feature *your* friends when you have a blog, k? ;)
enjoy. love. thank you.
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