Salmagundi is, without a doubt, the very best store in this fair city. And lucky me, it's in my neighborhood: Jamaica Plain.   Anyone who has ever stumbled into it will agree, there's just nothing like it.  I have been lucky enough to become friends with Jessen and Andria, the husband and wife/owners extraordinaire.  They have invited me to show my work at Jamaica Plain's First Thursday two different times, and I was thrilled when they asked me to photograph their Fourth Anniversary Party.   They invited all of their beloved customers and asked them to 'look smart'.  The smartest dresser won a gift certificate to the store (still unnamed as I write this).  The party was rad, everyone looked so super cool...for a moment I forgot I was in Boston. ;)
If you haven't shopped there yet, get there soon.  Orange Line to Green Street. :)
SalmagundiSML001.jpg SalmagundiSML020.jpg SalmagundiSML023.jpg SalmagundiSML029.jpg SalmagundiSML051.jpg SalmagundiSML062.jpg SalmagundiSML066.jpg SalmagundiSML071.jpg SalmagundiSML072.jpg SalmagundiSML080.jpg