Sometimes family photographers just get lucky, what can I say.  This family, as you'll see, was such a joy to photograph. They are clearly gorgeous and in love with each other.  Little Sophia is independent, funny, inquisitive, and sweet.  Ciro is a living hug. A round, brown, balancing but not walking hug.  Karla and Gilly are gorgeous, cool, kind, honest, and generous.  I feel incredibly lucky to be able to document this gorgeous crew, I hope these photographs bring them back to this blessed time in their lives for the rest of their lives.
Thank you. Enjoy. Love.
KarlaSML002.jpg KarlaSML005.jpg KarlaSML007.jpg KarlaSML009.jpg KarlaSML012.jpg KarlaSML013.jpg KarlaSML015.jpg KarlaSML016.jpg KarlaSML017.jpg KarlaSML018.jpg KarlaSML020.jpg KarlaSML021.jpg KarlaSML029.jpg
KarlaSML032.jpg KarlaSML033.jpg KarlaSML034.jpg KarlaSML039.jpg KarlaSML041.jpg KarlaSML042.jpg KarlaSML045.jpg KarlaSML052.jpg KarlaSML053.jpg KarlaSML056.jpg KarlaSML060.jpg