Merry Christmas!

Thank you so so so much for nominating your friends, family members, neighbors, teachers, and people you love.  It was both an overwhelming response by all of you and a truly heartbreaking exercise to learn about so many wonderful families who have had such a tough time.  Financial struggles (times ten), disease, loss, heartbreak, fear, and a whole lot of sadness has fallen upon so many good people. However, all of you spoke of how strong your friends are and how you admired and adored these families.  The friendship and love you showed in your letters truly blew me away.  You have defined what community is, you are good and loyal and kind friends.  I’m totally inspired.

As I read your submissions I thought about how simple it would be for me to go over to their homes and sit with them and photograph the love that they apparently have in spades.   You also told me how happy this would make them. 
Then why and how could each submission not win?
So, I have decided that everyone who was nominated has won. 
You took the time to write and tell me that I have something that will make someone’s day. Who am I not to give it away? *Why* would I not give it away? The solution was obvious and I truly look forward to a beautiful year of photographing so many great families.  

I am so grateful for your submissions and so honored that you think this would be something someone else would like.  
I am so humbled.  
I promise I’ll do the very best job I can for them.

More love and gratitude than you can imagine,