Hey cancer? Pick on someone your own size. serrrrrrriously.  Elena is going to live a long and healthy and happy life, but her parents do not appreciate you swinging by in her second year in life.  RUDE!
Anyway, I swung by their home on a Saturday morning to photograph an absolutely awesome, giggly, sweet, happy, grateful home.  It was my pleasure, it was true happiness.  Me love.
Thank you. Enjoy. LOVE!
ElenaSML003.jpg ElenaSML004.jpg ElenaSML009.jpg ElenaSML014.jpg ElenaSML015.jpg ElenaSML021.jpg ElenaSML023.jpg ElenaSML025.jpg ElenaSML030.jpg ElenaSML033.jpg ElenaSML034.jpg 

Oona says:

I just randomly popped over to your site and I read the post and then saw the second picture and that was it. Tears spilled out instantly.

I can't remember the last time that has happened.

(12.03.11 @ 03:49 AM)
barbara says:

Wow, you must have some Personality, look at those wonderful smiles screaming an authentic good time... pure love. These are very touching photos!

(12.31.11 @ 10:08 PM)