CUUUUUUTE!!!!!!  C'mon, how cute is Kenny?  I mean, what?  Ethiopia knows how to make them some good lookin' babies!  Leanne and Mike had me over to their gorgeous and ultra cool pad for their one year anniversary with Smalls Kenny.  I was super thrilled because the three of 'em are gorgeous and cool and fun. The day was perfect, everything was good...well, until we had to leave the park. That never goes well. :)
Enjoy! Thank you! Love!
LeanneSML006.jpg LeanneSML011.jpg LeanneSML012.jpg LeanneSML015.jpg LeanneSML023.jpg LeanneSML031.jpg LeanneSML037.jpg LeanneSML045.jpg LeanneSML046.jpg LeanneSML048.jpg LeanneSML049.jpg

Harlisa says:

The shoot turned out PERFECT!!! Keni looks like he is Loving Life!!! --He couldn't be more photogenic!!
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(12.02.11 @ 12:28 PM)
Shaunte says:

Awe these pictures just warm my heart! Such a great looking family...and little Keni is too adorable for words!

(12.07.11 @ 10:21 AM)