Worrrrrd.  I've been besties with Kristen since we were three years old and if you follow my blog (and I can't imagine why you wouldn't follow my blog. It's not like the blogosphere is saturated) you'll know that I make an annual pilgrimage to Wisconsin to see m'girl and spend time with her (amazing, hilarious, funny, happy, silly, playful, talented, smart, gorgeous) family.
It's fun to see a family grow so here are links to the past three years:
Year One 
Year Two
Year Three
This year we had some new additions.  Kristen's big brother and two of his sons joined us for a fun afternoon.  And Kristen and Mark have a new niece who we visited.
I hope you enjoy watching this super sweet family grow over the years as much as I do.  I have the giggles just thinking about them.  Sighhh... Kris, I miss you. :(
Thank you. Enjoy. LOVE!!!!!
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