Turns out that southern California is a much nicer place to be in late December than Boston is. Who knew. I spent the day with the hilarious, gorgeous, smart, generous Shoemaker family. They rented a place on Balboa island near Newport Beach and we basically just hung out all day and watched little Emerson be precious.  If Emerson fit in a toaster I would slather her with butter and eat her. She's such a great little kid.
Enough of me, let's look at some pictures.  Meet The Shoemakers of Newport Beach.  Rockin.
Thank you. Enjoy. Love.
ShoemakerSML001.jpg ShoemakerSML009.jpg ShoemakerSML010.jpg ShoemakerSML014.jpg ShoemakerSML015.jpg ShoemakerSML018.jpg ShoemakerSML019.jpg ShoemakerSML022.jpg ShoemakerSML025.jpg ShoemakerSML031.jpg ShoemakerSML036.jpg ShoemakerSML037.jpg ShoemakerSML038.jpg ShoemakerSML041.jpg ShoemakerSML048.jpg ShoemakerSML049.jpg ShoemakerSML051.jpg ShoemakerSML064.jpg ShoemakerSML070.jpg ShoemakerSML072.jpg ShoemakerSML086.jpg ShoemakerSML095.jpg ShoemakerSML105.jpg ShoemakerSML109.jpg

Bethany says:


(01.19.12 @ 05:07 PM)
Gina says:

OMG, Tara, this child is so stinkin' cute! The ribs-sticking-out-in-my-diaper pic is my fav. Great job!!!

(01.25.12 @ 01:44 PM)