Continuing on my quest to expand my portfolio to rock stars of all influence I photographed DJ Fuzzy Fotch and Ted Thousand of Snake Sound System.  Ted and Ardie are brothers gone DJ collaborators and their sound is booty poppin' moombahton. 
These two talented brothers were just signed with a record label out of San Francisco so they needed both an EP cover shot and something capturing them in action.  For their cover shot they wanted something "loud, vibrant, ethnic, and recognizable" so I suggested a Latin supermarket.  For their live shots they absolutely KILLED it at The Good Life on a jammed packed snowy Friday night. 
Here's to the rest of your lives and an illustrious career for both of you. Rockin. Rock it. Love.

ArdieTedSML001.jpg ArdieTedSML002.jpg ArdieTedSML004.jpg ArdieTedSML010.jpg ArdieTedSML014.jpg ArdieTedSML015.jpg ArdieTedSML023.jpg ArdieTedSML022.jpg 

Amy Carroll says:

Hi Tara!
Thank you so much for sharing your work on Facebook! I love looking at your creativity. You are very talented. Keep 'em coming! I hope all is well.
Amy C

(03.27.12 @ 09:21 PM)
laura says:

I. need. EVERY HOT SAUCE EVER. the end. (killed it again)

(04.09.12 @ 08:26 PM)