In an effort to expand my portfolio I have decided to photograph rock stars of many pursuits.  Laura Ganci is a gifted and beautiful woman so it's a joy to be able to start with her.  Her voice is so beautiful and her songs are soulful and often heartbreaking, I love so much about her music.
She braved some seriously offensive temperatures to help me get these shots of her.  Turns out that Boston in December is cold.
Aaanywaaay..... let's listen to her while we look at her, too. Her website is HERE.
Her myspace page is HERE
And she's an identical twin!!  Here's her and her womb roomie, Nina busking it up: YUP
Laura, I love you!!!  I believe in you times a gagillion.
A wise woman once yelled at me these words:
Sugar Glider spread your wings and FLY!!!!
git it.
LauraSML002.jpg LauraSML005.jpg LauraSML006.jpg LauraSML007.jpg LauraSML010.jpg LauraSML013.jpg LauraSML016.jpg LauraSML017.jpg LauraSML019.jpg LauraSML021.jpg LauraSML023.jpg LauraSML024.jpg

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