I arrived in Istanbul the day before the forecast called for a week of "winds and weather coming in from Siberia."  Soon after the realization arrived that eastern Europe is an odd choice for a vacation spot in the dead of January.
I was there on a week long street photography course hosted by the talented and wonderful Thatcher Cook.  I have been following Thatcher's work for years and I was thrilled to know that he was hosting a workshop during my off season in a city I've always been curious about. 
I had a wonderful time and learned, above all, to learn to slow down and love photography just for the beauty of the art. I'm pledging to take more pretty pictures just for the love of it, to see light and beauty everywhere, and to try to capture it on film.
Wish me luck. :)
Here's what I saw on the streets of Istanbul.  Enjoy.
Istan003.jpg Istan004.jpg Istan005.jpg Istan006.jpg Istan007.jpg Istan008.jpg Istan009.jpg Istan010.jpg Istan013.jpg Istan015.jpg Istan016.jpg Istan018.jpg Istan020.jpg Istan021.jpg Istan022.jpg Istan023.jpg Istan024.jpg Istan026.jpg Istan029.jpg Istan031.jpg Istan032.jpg Istan033.jpg Istan035.jpg Istan036.jpg Istan039.jpg

Patti Schmidt says:

Loved this post! xo

(03.21.12 @ 11:07 PM)
Kevin says:

Tara, you have such a lovely eye. You capture the moments of life that most of us miss. Great photos! I travel with you vicariously. We hope to see you soon. - Kevin Mc

(03.22.12 @ 01:10 AM)
Chris Ouellette says:

I will always be amazed at the way that you capture people's faces in your photography. It is a gift and it really shows through in this collection.

(03.26.12 @ 12:12 AM)
laura says:

captivating. well done, (again) T.

(04.09.12 @ 08:25 PM)
Oz says:

Great pictures, took me home for a wee bit. I can smell istanbul looking at these..

(09.02.15 @ 05:48 PM)