Sighhhh.... the Ouellettes....(heart bubbles emanating from my chest).  So... I was lucky enough to photograph Courtney and Chris' wedding in 2009 (which you can see HERE). That was a pretty big year for the newlyweds because they got a dog (Buddha), a baby (Charlotte), and moved (Austin).  I'm lucky enough to photograph them when they're back in Mass for visits, but this time I went THERE.  I stayed with these absolutely beautiful people while I was in Austin last week and I'm more in love than ever.  It's thanks to Courtney that I was able to photograph the other three wonderful crews in Austin.  Staying with this family was such...a...nice..time.  I hope I did their family and their love justice in this shoot. God, I hope you fall in love with Charlotte.  I hope you see how incredibly sweet and hilarious she is.  I hope you fall in love with Chris and Courtney, as a couple, as parents, and as individuals.  I hope you see how nice and loving and generous and fun they are.
The Texas Blue Bonnet flowers were in full bloom on the hazy and beautiful day we shot together so they're blue-ness is highly featured in the shoot. 

C, C, and C (and B)... I'll remember your generosity and kindness last week for the rest of my life.  I cherish our friendship. I adore you all.  I hope to see you again very soon.  Thank you so much for cherishing what I do for a living.  Your support means the world to me, I'm honored to be your photographer and I love you.

Let's look at some pictures...
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CCCsmall035.jpg CCCsmall038.jpg CCCsmall041.jpg CCCsmall042.jpg CCCsmall045.jpg CCCsmall047.jpg CCCsmall049.jpg CCCsmall058.jpg CCCsmall065.jpg CCCsmall068.jpg CCCsmall086.jpg CCCsmall088.jpg CCCsmall089.jpg
CCCsmall090.jpg CCCsmall096.jpg CCCsmall099.jpg CCCsmall105.jpg CCCsmall108.jpg CCCsmall109.jpg CCCsmall112.jpg CCCsmall115.jpg