As Helen would say, it's not Steve or Stevie, it's Steven.  This is not Steven's first time through this life.  In fact, it appears he's a grown man in a really small human suit.  He's already a superb golfer and he's not even two.  Helen tells me that she barely used a bib on the kid, and it's hilarious to see him get dirty or wet.  Steven has no tolerance for dirty clothes, and why should he? He's like 40. 
I really, really love this family.  Ryan and Helen are high school sweethearts which is always nauseating. I mean awesome. ;) And Steven is *beyond* adorable, insanely smart, super athletic, and utterly hilarious. Oh, and two.   They're just a cool, confident, chill, funny, fun crew to be around.  It was amazing to photograph them, even if I'm a little too immature for Steven's taste...
We started at home, went to a bakery, and then had to head over to the construction site...
enjoy. thank you. love.
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