All they wanted was a baby, I swear!!  But I bet they *actually* wished for it three times and the stork got all confused and well, next thing ya know... Ansen, Madeline, and Reagan arrived.  That was two years ago this month and it's been all bon-bons and easy street at the Farrell house since.  Or the opposite of that.  And good LORD they're a happy, calm, fun, *adorable*, household! These are five happy people and it was super sweet (and utterly awe inspiring) to be able to photograph them.  God, I don't even know what to say... there's just endless happiness and sweetness at this home.  I hope I did it justice. 
Thank you. Enjoy...and dayumm...GOOD LUCK!!!!
FarrellSML001.jpg FarrellSML004.jpg FarrellSML005.jpg FarrellSML012.jpg FarrellSML021.jpg FarrellSML022.jpg FarrellSML023.jpg FarrellSML026.jpg FarrellSML027.jpg FarrellSML028.jpg FarrellSML033.jpg FarrellSML034.jpg FarrellSML035.jpg
FarrellSML037.jpg FarrellSML038.jpg FarrellSML048.jpg FarrellSML050.jpg FarrellSML053.jpg FarrellSML058.jpg FarrellSML062.jpg FarrellSML064.jpg FarrellSML066.jpg FarrellSML068.jpg FarrellSML071.jpg FarrellSML074.jpg FarrellSML075.jpg
FarrellSML076.jpg FarrellSML077.jpg FarrellSML079.jpg

laura says:

so. much. cute. seriously.

(04.09.12 @ 08:24 PM)