Oh, look at me I'm the Cheney family in New Hampshire and we're buying big homes and having kids and stuff.  We're what you may call a loving, awesome, gorgeous, young, cool family.  Hannah arrived last year and baby #2 will arrive in August.  That should be low key, huh?  Two kids under 15 months? Remember that time you drank a bunch and then slept in?  Oh, you do? Jesse and Stephanie don't.   And they probably won't for a while (ever), but they don't care because Hannah and Baby Smalls Two are going to give them more joy and love and giggles and happiness and meaning than anything they could ever imagine.  Just watch, you'll see.
The Cheneys, yo.  Enjoy. thank you. love.
CheneySML010.jpg CheneySML014.jpg CheneySML018.jpg CheneySML020.jpg CheneySML025.jpg CheneySML026.jpg CheneySML038.jpg CheneySML039.jpg CheneySML043.jpg

Kelly says:

Beautiful pics.

(07.12.12 @ 04:51 PM)