Well, well, well... don't we have an exceptionally good looking family on our hands...on Crane Beach in Ipswich...in perfect light... on a gorgeous day in July.  Tough gig, kids.  Someone's gotta do this stuff.
So, K, G, and G have more love than they could wish for which came in handy earlier this year when some serious tragedy hit their family.  In short, as K puts it to her boys, they have a loving family of four, Mommy is here and Daddy is in heaven.  The rest doesn't really matter, does it?  Here it is: a loving family.  They take all sorts of shapes, don't they.
Enjoy. Love. Thank you. Breathe. 
katiepotter001.jpg katiepotter002.jpg katiepotter003.jpg katiepotter004.jpg katiepotter005.jpg katiepotter006.jpg katiepotter007.jpg katiepotter008.jpg katiepotter009.jpg katiepotter010.jpg katiepotter011.jpg katiepotter014.jpg

Katie says:

Tara, you are a phenomenal woman! I am so lucky our paths crossed. Thank you for these treasures.

(08.02.12 @ 11:37 AM)