Do you remember your first girl crush?   I do.  It was Lauren Healy.  Pretty sure that crush is still going strong, too.  I'd be even kindof embarrassed to write that, but I've told her how I feel for the past 20 years so she's gotta be numb to it by now.  
I have really good taste: Lauren is, and always has been, extremely kind and gentle, loving and hilarious, talented, humble, and gorgeous.  There are truly few people in my life I adore quite to the level I love Lauren.  She's also the genius behind both the T.Spoon logo and branding and the Hitched Studios logo and branding.  She lives in Atlanta with her wonderful family and I was *extremely* excited to know that she wanted to do a trade with me for our last round of logos (coming soon. :)). 
She has an older sister, Dana, who just so happens to be my sister's best friend.  So cute, right?  Ya, the four of us are totally f*cking adorable, you'd love us.  I mean, you wouldn't survive Shannon, Dana, or me, but Lauren would be nice to you so there's that. ;)  Dana got married and had a small named Callie, and their younger brother Tim (who is in his thirties now and I'm still always tempted to be like, 'aren't you in the 8th grade? How are you married?').   Again, I have arrested development and I often project that on others.   I'm working on it.
Aaaanyway... So I went to their summer house while they, too, were having a family reunion.  I chased 'em all around.  Here are some of my favorites.
Lauren, thank you for your trust and for even wanting me to photograph you guys.  I feel like the crush might be turning a corner into a full blown relationship.  I'm just sayin.
love. enjoy. thank you so much.
healy001.jpg healy002.jpg healy003.jpg healy004.jpg healy005.jpg healy006.jpg healy007.jpg healy008.jpg healy010.jpg healy011.jpg healy013.jpg healy014.jpg healy015.jpg

Lynn Rice says:

This is my extended family! I'm Bev's sister. Great pics!

(07.28.12 @ 10:00 PM)
Bev Healy says:

Tara, Your energy level is every Olympions dream, and your photos, the envy of us all. I believe you have found your niche. Beyond capturing the essence of my Family, you made it fun... lots of laughs going on that day. Love you and Shannon, always have.
Best ever to you,

(07.28.12 @ 10:10 PM)
Rita Lucas says:

Another of Beverly's sister's checking in to say you could not have chosen a more fun filled family to photograph!! They are my peeps and I am their Reet....thank you for catching these special memories
before time slides by us all. SUCH a fine job!!

(07.30.12 @ 11:54 AM)