So, it was Junior year in high school when Jen and I became friends.  I think we sat near each other in English class and a few of us got to know each other while we weren’t listening to a word the teacher was saying.  I don’t remember the specifics of our conversations, but one was obviously about music and how I didn’t know a single band she loved.  I must have said that I ‘lived under a rock’ as she listed every cool band that wasn’t Janet Jackson.  See, I was a cheerleader type then and my music taste was about as unique and interesting as I was.  That is to say: not at all.  Jen was, if we’re sticking with stereotypes and since we’re talking about small town high school  why stop now, the artsy drama chick.  Gorgeous, creative, and kind, if ya ask me.  Not much has changed.  Anyway, one day in the hallway she handed me a mixed tape she had made for me.   It was titled “From Under A Different Rock”.   I gotta say, Jen has had a place in my heart since.  The tape had The Pixies, The Ramones, and a bunch of other cool shit that, again, was not Paula Abdul.
Thank god for facebook (eww, did I just write that?) which has allowed Jen and I to be back in touch.  I surprised her in March by walking into her art opening at a coffee shop in Salem.  We hadn’t seen each other in 17 years. 🙂  I fell in lovvvve with her paintings and we decided to trade: painting for photography.  (hooty hoo!) If you know what’s good for you you’ll go to her site right after you fall in love with her in this post.  Her website is HERE.
Ya, so…Jen and Jan (pronounced Yahn), Tobi, Jasper, and Leo are ummm…I mean…what?  The best looking, most creative, cool, kind, chill, smart family…ummm…ever?   We met at The ICA in Boston and well… I pointed my camera at these five people.  Honestly? Wasn’t that hard.
Jen? I wouldn’t wish this life of yours on anyone more deserving.  Soak it up, Love.  You must have been a cockroach in another life. 😉
See you soon.  Thank you for liking my work enough to deem in worthy of a trade with your paintings and to chronicle your truly gorgeous family.  I am beyond honored and humbled.  I’ll hang under your rock anytime, sis.  More love than you know.
JenSsml036.jpg  JenSsml042.jpg

  • kelli-jo bogni

    T ….I love this shoot..Jen was ALWAYS creative and funky I loved
    being in Art with her. Your eye is AWESOME! love ya kel