I have been lucky enough to photograph something like five family reunions this summer.  I'm super grateful they (you) thought of me and included me on such fun and special occasions.  Thank you. :)
The Barth/Knight family reunion, however, stands way out for me.  Kathy and Paul, the organizers/supporters/parents/children/siblings/partiers/good friends of mine who put it on are blessed enough to own *the* most beautiful home on the Cape.  I'd love to be jealous of them, but they're just so damn generous with it I can't be.  In exchange for the shooting time of their day long reunion they let me and three of my friends spend the weekend at their house in October.  I can play Rich Kid like nobody else. :)
Anyway, this reunion was so gorgeous.  It was actually a week long, but I was invited for the final day.  It started out with pop overs then an unveiling of a life long scrap book then arts and crafts then swimming then bacci ball then the mosssst delicious dinner overlooking Brewster at sunset.  Ridiculous. 
Anyway, the whole lot of them are gorgeous and kind and lovely.  I was filled up nice from this day.  Here are some of my favorites:
Enjoy. Love. and Thank you. thank you thank you thank you.
barth001.jpg barth002.jpg barth004.jpg barth005.jpg barth006.jpg barth007.jpg barth008.jpg barth009.jpg barth010.jpg barth011.jpg barth012.jpg barth013.jpg barth015.jpg
barth016.jpg barth017.jpg barth018.jpg barth020.jpg barth021.jpg barth022.jpg barth023.jpg barth024.jpg barth025.jpg barth026.jpg