gahhh, I love families that are funny.  It's my favorite kind. Better even than nice ones and in this case y'have both.  Colleen is the sister of one of my best friends and hairdresser, Brian Rand at Trephin Salon in Boston.  I met her years ago and it was love at first sight.  Colleen is salt of the earth, easy to laugh, cool, smart, capable, and endlessly kind and generous.  I saw this from the moment I met her.  Erik on the other hand.... ;).  Erik is rad.  Also endlessly kind and generous and deliciously hilarious. If Erik is in a room I want to be next to him.  He's that guy. 
They met me on the hottest morning on Planet Sweats A Bunch at a dog park in Hingham.  We chased each other around and got'er done before Erik got cranky. :)
Enjoy. Thank you. Love.
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