What’s happening in the world that this family gets to be MORE lovely?!  Gawwwwwd bless it, I love these guys.  OK, so we photographed Liz and Todd’s wedding in 2009 and pretty much fell madly in love with both of them.  One look at them and you won’t be far behind, I promise.  Then they went ahead and made a cherub and named her Caroline. That post is right HERE.  This summer they went ahead and made Grant and added him to the mix and things are just getting more and more sweet.   Gahhh, Todd is sooo funny and cool, he’s a surgeon, he’s self deprecating, honest, hilarious, gorgeous, kind, and loyal.  And he’s madly in love with his family. 🙂  Liz?  Don’t even start me.  Liz fully looks like a super model, but she’s also hilarious, cool as hell, super funny, way smart…and Todd’s boss at Mass General. 🙂
Caroline looks like a doll and she’s just getting used to this Grant kid.  I can’t wait to see them all again.  Fall in love for y’selves: