Oh, look: *another* story of someone in my life turning out to be a full-on guardian angel.  Dianne and Lenny were surrogate parents to me for many of my years in Seattle.  They fed me, they were proud of my accomplishments, they got me jobs, and scolded me when I spent money carelessly, mostly on parking tickets :). Most importantly, I lived with them for a couple of years in their gorgeous log home outside of Seattle.  Dianne and Lenny are two of the most important people in my life and they’re just two more people who saw something in me that I could not. I love these two people with everything I have and sitting here contemplating their kindness and generosity has tears pouring down my face.
So, Dianne and Lenny moved from that dream home into just about the dreamiest home you’ve ever homed.  Holy shit!  They live in a home they designed and built on Whidbey Island now which is 30 miles north of Seattle in the Puget Sound.  Ever read anything by Tom Robbins?  Ya, you should, and when yo do you’ll know the part of the planet that so inspired him.  The whole of Washington’s coast is stunning and it surely looks like an idyllic place to be.  Dianne is a master gardener so the grounds of this joint are ridiculous, and Lenny is a master builder so the home, the wood shop, the pagoda (!), and the tree house just blew my mind.  They are in their utter glory as grand parents and to photograph them in this role at this home was such an honor.   These photographs are of Dianne, Lenny, their son Dusty, his goddess of a wife Michelle, and their two Smalls.
Enjoy. I love you guys so much. And thank you.  For everything, always, but mostly for believing in me when there wasn’t much to believe in, and then for trusting me with these photographs, and for being so damn proud of my journey.  You have my heart for this lifetime and beyond.  Count on it.

  • kristee kimball

    These are AMAZING. This family, the landscape, your portraits… all breathtaking!! I want a treehouse like that. You capture the affection of these families so seemingly effortlessly. I don’t even know how you could put a price on something like this. You’re incredible.