I went to high school with lots of very funny and cool people in a small town on the beach in Massachusetts.  Joyce and Pat were two of the very coolest.  I don’t even think they knew each other in high school, but for some reason I knew ’em both (partied with Pat, graduated with Joyce).  Sometime soon after high school Pat and Joyce met, fell in love, and got married.  Comes to find out that was some time ago now, though it honestly feels like yesterday.  Pat and Joyce and their three truly beautiful, cool, funny, smart kids live directly on the beach in our home town. Take the term ‘prime real estate’ and smoke it in a crack pipe.   Pat is a lobster fisherman and his daily commute consists of taking a dingy out to his lobster boat from his back porch.  He is back home in time to help his kids with their home work and cook a meal so good you’ll ask the guy out on a date. Joyce is an E.R. nurse in a pretty rough town and if you’ve ever known a nurse who is great at their job then you know just what Joyce is made of.  She is honest, trustworthy, hard working, smart, compassionate without being patronizing, brave, funny, cool, and though it has nothing to do with nursing it doesn’t hurt: drop dead gorgeous. 
Spending time with this family fed me in a way only some shoots do.  It’s very hard to explain what it feels like to connect deeply with such little kids so quickly.  When children meet me and just trust fall into a shoot like these three did I could fall over with love. I know they learned this trust and confidence from their parents; the two coolest people in a room no matter where they are.
I hope the pictures say it all, but in case they don’t:  The Twomey family loves and respects themselves and each other, they welcome *everyone* to their home, and they have never met a stranger. They laugh easily, they’re deeply grateful for what they have been given, and they’re always surrounded by a laughing and loving crowd. 
Joyce and Pat, it was an honor to be able to do this for you guys.  I hope you look at these pictures and only see a reflection of all your good parts.  Joyce, you have a place in my heart for the rest of my life.  You can count on that, sis. Thanks for bringing three good people to Planet Earth. We needed that. 
Love. Thank you. Enjoy.

  • kj

    oh what can you say….I think my favorite part was the description of
    the Twomeys..honest and true! I adore those kids! Joyce you look beautiful!
    We had a GREAT night and too many laughs…Great meal too!