So, when Stephanie was 30 years old she was married with no kids.  She's 35 now and has five boys.  :)  You can do the math, but the long and short of it is that she was pregnant for the past five years save a month here or there.  And then, of course, there was a set of twins thrown in there.  All five of these boys are named after kings and their home is an old historic house in Bolton.  This is an extremely kind, sweet, and adorable family and after I picked my jaw off the floor when *five* little boys greeted me at the door, none higher than my hip, I was in heaven.  One of the main goals of the shoot was to capture the twin's curly hair before their first hair cut #cuuuute!  So... after they all showed me their antique, sweet rooms, I chased them around their yard and watched their mom and dad smile right from their hearts.  Family is good, big families are great.
Huge love to you guys.  What an inspiration.  Hang in there, good luck, feel all the love you've created.
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