Musta picked these peeps up at The Cute Factory.  Come to think of it I could have also found them at the Cool Factory, or the Smart one.  Ya, this is a great family and I really, really liked them. Megan and Peter went to law school with a couple of my favorite clients turned friends so when Pete called and dropped their names I loved'm already.  Meeting he and Megan in person just confirmed my hunch.  I love to meet young families who are raising their kids in the city because it's the opposite of how or where I grew up and it would be so cool to be a kid livin' in the city.  It seems to be an easy recipe for raising  smart and interesting people.  Anyway, I chased these four around the Navy Yard in Charlestown on a beautiful Sunday morning in October and this is what I saw. 
Thank you. Enjoy. Love.
DanielsSML002.jpg DanielsSML003.jpg DanielsSML005.jpg DanielsSML013.jpg DanielsSML018.jpg DanielsSML023.jpg DanielsSML033.jpg DanielsSML034.jpg DanielsSML036.jpg DanielsSML038.jpg

Courtney says:

Makes me smile to think of the 5 of you hanging out! The pictures are beautiful, of course...and the kiddos are already little men:)

(11.12.12 @ 10:47 PM)