Not a tough gig this one was.  Both Jen and Brandon are old friends of mine, they live in a super gorgeous loft that I wish I lived in, they're crazy gorgeous, and their kids are amazingly cute.  I brought my camera, we walked around, it was amazing.
I must say that Jen is mother extraordinaire: she is the owner of Mama's Boy brand clothing and her creativity and style is limitless, as is her kindness and love.  Brandon is such a good's so cool to watch a guy go from bachelor status to husband to dad.  Makes me smile. Big. Kieran and Emma are absolutely delicious and I loved every second of being with this family. 
Here's what I saw:
Kolar2012SML001.jpg Kolar2012SML005.jpg Kolar2012SML006.jpg Kolar2012SML012.jpg Kolar2012SML020.jpg Kolar2012SML022.jpg Kolar2012SML023.jpg Kolar2012SML024.jpg Kolar2012SML025.jpg Kolar2012SML026.jpg Kolar2012SML028.jpg Kolar2012SML030.jpg Kolar2012SML037.jpg
Kolar2012SML040.jpg Kolar2012SML044.jpg Kolar2012SML048.jpg

Jen says:


(11.14.12 @ 03:22 PM)
Rindy Northrop says:

I agree with the photographer/friend, what a beautiful family. Brandon has really stepped into his roll as "Dad". What happy kids. And what is Jen's business.... clothing for boys? Tell memore.

(11.16.12 @ 06:26 PM)