Oh, look at me.  My name is Shannon and I’m all skinny and shit.  No big deal. 
My friend, Shannon, who I’ve been friends with for 25-ish years, recently lost 100 pounds.  Like ya do. So, this skinny little bitch came all the way down from Maine and got all naked in my bedroom.  What a floozy.  😉
Shannon, you are so beautiful.  I don’t mean the inside kind.  I mean, you are beautiful on the inside, but that’s not what I’m talking about here.  You’re gorgeous.  Sure, you’re straight-up petite now (annoying), but what’s most beautiful about you, my darling, is your eyes and your face.  You have a sweet, calm, smart, confident air about you.  You’ve had this since the day you were born, I suspect, and your body can change in all sorts of ways, no doubt all of ours will, but the beauty in your eyes, my friend, has always been and will always be there.