Yay!  One of Hitched Studios' favorite couples of all time up and procreated.  How rad.  Jill is an incredible singer/songwriter, a beautiful wife,  and SUCH a natural ace at being a mom.  Ramez is a doctor, a great husband, and a total natural at being a really great and loving, gentle dad.  Seeing these two with their son was so beautiful, I think I smiled all day.   Anyway...here's what I saw.  Enjoy, thank you, love.
JillRamezSML001.jpg JillRamezSML004.jpg JillRamezSML006.jpg JillRamezSML009.jpg JillRamezSML012.jpg JillRamezSML013.jpg JillRamezSML014.jpg JillRamezSML024.jpg