So..... Kendra has been one of my best friends for 25 years.  Hard to believe it's been that long sometimes.  We have shared so many firsts together and have a lifetime of memories to talk and reminisce about.  As little girls we used to perform elaborate dances, have epic photo shoots, and ridiculous scavenger hunts. As we got older we shared many tears, lots of secrets, way too much alcohol, and averted much danger while we got into much trouble.  We both, oddly, went to college in Alabama (me at Uof A and she went to Auburn).  We saw each other through the years and I loved her boyfriend turned husband, Wade, from the moment I met him.  Wade, by the way, is just about the best dad and husband there ever was.  Love that guy from the bottom of my heart. 
I flew to Atlanta to shoot a wedding a few weeks ago and surprised Kendra...more like I scared the shit out of her.  I spent the day photographing her and her beautiful, kind, funny, smart, cool kids.  Kendra is a wonderful mom and it was an honor and a trip to see her as the cool, fun mom I knew she'd be.  She's in love with her life and she glows.  That sentence can be said for her through her life.  Kendra is a positive, kind, fun, funny, smart, truly gorgeous woman.  I'm so very proud to be her lifelong friend.  I am so very happy to be able to give these photographs to her.
My love, you know the rest.  You have permanent residence in my heart.  Always have, always will.
Enjoy. Thank you. Love
PopeSML002.jpg PopeSML004.jpg PopeSML007.jpg PopeSML010.jpg PopeSML016.jpg PopeSML020.jpg PopeSML025.jpg PopeSML026.jpg PopeSML028.jpg PopeSML036.jpg PopeSML040.jpg PopeSML041.jpg PopeSML042.jpg
PopeSML047.jpg PopeSML048.jpg PopeSML049.jpg PopeSML050.jpg PopeSML057.jpg PopeSML065.jpg PopeSML075.jpg PopeSML077.jpg PopeSML096.jpg PopeSML097.jpg PopeSML101.jpg PopeSML108.jpg