I've been friends with Martina since I was a little girl.  She is the best friend of my best friend (how annoying is that sentence.  shut up.).  She is so awesome that it kindof bugs me that I write with such hyperbole about everyone else so this rave review may be lost.  Martina is the best.  It's just that simple.  I mean..first of all... look at her.  Hello? Really? Is that your face?  Her family? Don't bother.  Awesome.  Smart?  Went to grad school in France.  Worldly? Read that sentence about France again.  She married Stephen who is confident and cool and calm and handsome and smart and successful. They made Small Will and Small Sam.  They're twins.  They've been around for one year. They love everything.  Mostly taking tubs, crawling, and eating and drinking from their bottle.  They also enjoy squealing in delight, trying to walk, and sitting on a chair together.  They are the most well behaved, giggly, good kids I've probably ever met.  Which...let's face it.. is saying a lot. They live in Brooklyn Heights and I was very very very lucky to be able to spend some time with them at their flat.  Then Martina and I killed a bottle of champagne.  Then I went outside and it was 1:30 and it was sunny and I was drunk.  Wish it was the first time I've ever written that sentence.
Enjoy. Thank you. Love.
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