I am so lucky.  We know this.  To be able to photograph this family adds me in the 'so so so lucky' category.  Brad is the brother of my best friend's husband.  He and his (gorgeous, funny, kind, smart, cool) wife, Maureen, live in the sweet lil hamlet of Osh Kosh, Wisconsin.  This is the second year I've been out to photograph them and it's sooo fun!   And can we stop it right now with the cute level of Collyns.  It's not right.  And we don't need to talk about Maureen, right?  My best friend calls her beauty 'distracting'.  I can't agree more.   Anyway, enough of that.  Here are the pictures.  Enjoy. Thank you. Love.
MaureenBradSML007.jpg MaureenBradSML009.jpg MaureenBradSML013.jpg MaureenBradSML016.jpg MaureenBradSML017.jpg MaureenBradSML030.jpg MaureenBradSML034.jpg MaureenBradSML038.jpg MaureenBradSML044.jpg MaureenBradSML051.jpg MaureenBradSML049.jpg