Ya know, some families get to look like stone carvings and speak a handful of languages.  The rest of us get to be Irish, sunburn easily, and have a loose but determined grip on adding profanity to the one language we do know.  I'll be alright, don't worry a second about me. :)
So, Sarah and Filipe and their ridiculously cute kids were visiting from London and they asked me to come over and photograph them.  I think I took one look at Filipe and said, 'shut up. that's what you look like?"  Anyway, ya... it was snowy and gorgeous.  This family is smart and beautiful.  It was another tough day at the office, what can I say.  Enjoy. Thank you. Love.
SarahSML014.jpg SarahSML020.jpg SarahSML021.jpg SarahSML024.jpg SarahSML025.jpg SarahSML038.jpg SarahSML040.jpg SarahSML046.jpg