So, if you follow this blog you may know my bestie, Kristen.  She lives in Osh Kosh, Wisconsin, she's gorgeous, her kids are magic.  You know the deal.  If you haven't seen a single shoot of them, you should check out the past four Day In The Life shoots I've done with this GORGEOUS family.  Start HERE and then you can link into the other four years if you'd like.
Kristen and Mark buy an album of their shoot every year. :)  Karen over at Happy Fish Album Designs designs the albums, and then Finao prints them.  They are truly gorgeous designs and I felt like showing one off to you guys.  I think you'll dig it.
Anyway... here you go.  Enjoy. Thank you. Love.
laskyalbumsml002.jpg laskyalbumsml003.jpg laskyalbumsml004.jpg laskyalbumsml005.jpg laskyalbumsml006.jpg laskyalbumsml007.jpg laskyalbumsml008.jpg laskyalbumsml009.jpg laskyalbumsml010.jpg laskyalbumsml011.jpg laskyalbumsml012.jpg laskyalbumsml013.jpg laskyalbumsml014.jpg

laskyalbumsml015.jpg laskyalbumsml016.jpg laskyalbumsml017.jpg laskyalbumsml018.jpg laskyalbumsml019.jpg laskyalbumsml020.jpg laskyalbumsml021.jpg laskyalbumsml022.jpg