Love me some Armstrong family, I do.  Krissy and Nick and Sophie welcomed their newest little one, Mary Kate, a few days before Christmas this year and good lohhhd is she sweet.  I wonder if I'll ever get used to how damn small we are when we first arrive.  I've been able to photograph this family over the years and it's been so awesome to get to know them.  They are kind and strong and positive and deeply in love.  It's an absolute honor to even spend a moment with them, never mind photograph them.  Every time I see an email from Krissy I'm excited. It's just that simple.  Here's what I saw this time. :)  Enjoy. Thank you. Love
ArmstrongSML004.jpg ArmstrongSML009.jpg ArmstrongSML017.jpg ArmstrongSML028.jpg ArmstrongSML031.jpg ArmstrongSML033.jpg ArmstrongSML034.jpg ArmstrongSML035.jpg ArmstrongSML038.jpg