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So, as I do, to heal a broken heart I booked a big, solo international trip out of the blue.  In my haste I didn’t plan a thing about the trip outside of the hotel I would arrive at in Rio.  Well, that and all my outfits. I was going to Rio, afterall. 
When I arrived in Charlotte to catch my flight to
Rio I was intentionally the very last person to board the plane.  When I showed the dude my passport he asked
where my Brazilian visa was. 

“I don’t have a Brazilian visa.”

‘Then you’re not going to Brazil.”

A quick google search told me that the visa process for
Brazil takes a minimum of five days, no exceptions.  Woulda been sweet to have read this the week
before when I booked the trip.

I asked him where else they flew.

He told me Frankfurt.

I told him to fuck off.

“You guys go to Costa Rica?”



God bless the kindness of strangers because he booked my flight to
Costa Rica free of charge and I left for San Jose 11 hours later.

A giggly and amorous plane ride later (and a six hour cab
ride) I arrived in Puerto Viego in the southern Caribbean corner of the country.  Let’s just say this town is an extremely
cool, “highly Jamaican- influenced”, Patwa speaking place with a fleet of
distractingly handsome black men who like to ride the ocean. 

Sight unseen I booked a room at a nature reserve here in the
jungle overlooking the Caribbean called Samasati.A beautiful, private bungalow was the only room they had left.

Needless to say that started a relaxing and easy ten days in Costa Rica. I’m not accustomed to traveling to ‘vacation land’ type places so this was a welcomed little present. 

There’s truly not much to tell of the trip that would excite anyone but me.  There was lots of time spent in both the Caribbean and Pacific oceans.  I went white water rafting, horse back riding, zip lining, bike riding, jungle hiking, hot springs dippin’, waterfall jumpin’ and everything in between.  It was truly the trip of a lifetime and I loved every second. 

I didn’t take many photographs, but here are a few I did take.   Thanks for being interested in my work.  Surely means the world. xoxo