Girrrrrrls.  That's what's happenin times four right around the corner from me here in Jamaica Plain.  In fact, I don't think I've seen a dad in my hood in like three years, though I'm considering trying to get a boyfriend in time for next year's snowstorms; Shoveling is men's work if you ask me.  But ya didn't ask me so let's talk about this family and then look at their photos.
Angie and Katie had Aliza a couple of years ago.  They clearly got the hang of being moms because Jemma is here and she's about as cute as a small woodland creature and they're already awesome momming her, too.  I love this family very much.  I love them because they're smart and funny and they make fun of themselves. I love them because they're gorgeous and cool and generous and thoughtful and kind.  And I gotta say, I love that they're two moms raising two kids.  I don't get hired much by the two dad or two mom crew (boooo) so when I do I love it.  I love it for a lot of reasons, mostly on a societal level.  I'm pretty psyched to be able to photograph a family who's lifestyle is actually controversial in someone's pea sized ignorant brain.  It's not controversial, it's a bunch of people who love each other, who support each other, who make each other happy and crazy and mad and grateful and calm and excited and hopeful.  It's a fucking family, yo.  A really good one.
KatieWolfSML008.jpg KatieWolfSML012.jpg KatieWolfSML017.jpg KatieWolfSML018.jpg KatieWolfSML027.jpg KatieWolfSML030.jpg KatieWolfSML031.jpg KatieWolfSML034.jpg KatieWolfSML037.jpg KatieWolfSML039.jpg KatieWolfSML047.jpg KatieWolfSML049.jpg