Man, this was such a killer shoot, I loved it.  Allison and Glen have raised their three beautiful, smart, sweet kids in their gorgeous home in Scituate.  It's a house you walk into and go, daaamn.  It has charm and style, and it's obviously a happy place that has kept a wonderful family safe, warm, and growing. :) 
Times are a changin', though, and it's time for Allison and Glen, et al to move on out... to another beautiful home also in Scituate.   Before they started packin' up, Allison asked me to come over and photograph them in the home that will always be where these three kids grew up. It's this time capsule element of photography that I love so much and I was honored to be asked.
Good luck in your new home, guys.  No doubt it will be as beautiful and chock full of love and giggles as this one was. 
Thank you so much. 
SMLallison004.jpg SMLallison008.jpg SMLallison011.jpg SMLallison012.jpg SMLallison014.jpg SMLallison017.jpg SMLallison021.jpg SMLallison025.jpg SMLallison026.jpg SMLallison033.jpg SMLallison040.jpg SMLallison047.jpg