We were lucky enough to photograph Jenn and Joe's wedding back in 2010 at The Boston Harbor Hotel.  They are from Mass, but were living in California then.  They recently relocated back to their home state and are expecting a small person in July.  I always like to photograph people in their homes, of course, but since they're house hunting there is no house to photograph in.  Lucky for everyone Ben Wight has made a gorgeous studio to house Hitched Studios.  Sooo... there we were: Jenn, Joe, small person in belly, and mahself at Hitched Studios.
Enjoy. Thank you. GOOD LUCK! love.
JennJoeSML004.jpg JennJoeSML011.jpg JennJoeSML010.jpg JennJoeSML018.jpg JennJoeSML020.jpg JennJoeSML024.jpg JennJoeSML034.jpg JennJoeSML035.jpg