Woop woop, one of my favorite weddings of all time has produced a beautiful marriage which has produced a beautiful new family!  A huge 'welcome to our beautiful planet' goes out to Linnea who is the offspring of Nikki and Lou, formally of THIS wedding.
Like everything else they do in life, Nikki and Lou (and their parents) have made an absolutely gorgeous, creative, loving, welcoming space (in Woburn) to welcome their daughter to grow up surrounded with such beauty.
Nikki and Lou were made to be parents and the leaders of a family.  It was a beautiful honor to photograph them in their new roles. 
Good luck, Love Snugs.  I love you all.  All the way to the moon and back.
LouLylaNikSML-1.jpg LouLylaNikSML-2.jpg LouLylaNikSML-3.jpg LouLylaNikSML-4.jpg LouLylaNikSML-5.jpg LouLylaNikSML-6.jpg LouLylaNikSML-7.jpg LouLylaNikSML-8.jpg LouLylaNikSML-9.jpg LouLylaNikSML-10.jpg LouLylaNikSML-11.jpg LouLylaNikSML-12.jpg
LouLylaNikSML-13.jpg LouLylaNikSML-14.jpg LouLylaNikSML-15.jpg LouLylaNikSML-16.jpg